Audit and Review


The Hallmark of quality!

It has been compulsory since 1st January 2008 for all auditors to be licensed by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority.

s licensed statutory auditors, our team can provide various auditing and review services.

There are several possible types of agreement. Comptabil-IT SA accreditation as an auditor means it can be appointed as external auditors of companies who are subject to limited controls. These companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Company not quoted on the stock exchange
  • Company which does not have outstanding bonds
  • Company whose assets or revenue do not represent at least 20% of the assets or revenue of the consolidated accounts of another company of the group
  • Company which is not required to prepare consolidated financial statements / accounts
  • Company which has not exceeded for two financial years in a row two of the three following criteria:
  • Balance sheet total:CHF 20 million
  • Revenue: CHF 40 million
  • Headcount: 250 FTEs (annual average)